Visual and trend research outputs can be found in Inspiration and Portfolio.

This page is dedicated to in-depth academic research projects that Anu has pursued, relating to contemporary fashion history and theory (click through titles to find detailed abstracts).

>> Exploring Cultural Exchange in Contemporary Fashion Practice (2015)

>> A Sociopolitical History of the Keffiyeh (2014)

>> The Origin and Evolution of ‘Prep’ Style (2013)

Some ideas explored through these projects include:

fashion design process  •  design thinking  •  designer agency  •  trend cycles  •  creative inspiration  •  conceptual development  •  globalization  •  cultural appropriation and ethics  •  cross-cultural exchange  •  design change  •  politics of design  •  transnationalism  •  cultural ownership  •  commodification  •  tradition and innovation  •  branding and marketing  •  business structure and financial viability  •  public relations strategy  •  critical design engagement  •  artisan partnerships  •  collaborative design practice  •  ethnography  •  subculture  •  socioeconomics of dress  •  luxury and exclusivity